Oocyte / Gamete Donar Cycle

Egg donation

What is Oocyte / Gamete Donar Cycle?

Oocyte(egg)/Sperm/Embryo donation collectively known as gamete donation means using eggs, sperm, or embryos from someone else in order to help intended parents have a child. This is also known as third-party reproduction. This is done in the case where one or both parents are unable to conceive naturally or with assisted reproduction methods due to inherent problems with their sperm/oocytes.

Donors can be chosen by the assent of the parents or can be anonymous. There are societal, ethical and legal complexities related to third-party reproduction; especially when surrogacy or gestational carrier is involved; and these must be followed to the T.

Surrogacy implies that that the person who carries the pregnancy also provides the oocytes.

Due to these factors, fertility counselling is paramount before availing a donated gamete or going for surrogacy.

Reasons for Oocyte/Sperm/ Embryo Donation

There are many reasons to go for a donated gamete. It could help women with unexplained infertility issues as it can help couples with male factor infertility.

Third-party reproduction technique are also a boon for women whose ovaries or tubes are damaged or functioning poorly. In recent years another cause of gamete donation has emerged and i.e., to protect the offspring from inheriting genetic disease from parent(s).

oocyte donation

Procedure and Precautions

Egg and sperm donators are screened for various factors including transferable diseases before they are selected for the process. A deep evaluation and counselling of both recipients and donor is done to make them aware of medical, legal and psychological constraints of the process involved.

Gametes are either prepared and used for assisted fertility after their retrieval or are cryopreserved for further usage.

Egg, sperm, or embryo donation is an effective option for those struggling with fertility. Apart from providing third party reproduction services Dr. Puneet and her team of experts also provide appropriate medical, legal, and psychological preparation for all involved through their fertility counseling services.

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