Recurrent Implantation Failure (RIF)

Recurrent Implantation Failure (RIF)

Recurrent implantation failure is defined as failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after transfer of at least four good-quality embryos in a minimum of three fresh or frozen cycles of IVF.

recurrent implantation failure

Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

The failure to implant may be a consequence of embryo or uterine factors. Some of the causes which can cause implantation failures are:-

Fertility counselling can help you:-

  • Genetic cause such as Translocation of parental chromosomes or de-novo mutations in embryonic chromosomes.
  • Increased sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Fibroids, endometrial polyps, congenital anomalies and intrauterine adhesions
  • Blockages in fallopian tube leading to hydrosapinx

Doctors might make the patient undergo thorough testing and examination to determine the causes of RIF and ascertain the right treatment.

Ultrasonography (2D/3D) and hysteroscopy can be used to detect various uterine problems like fibroids and polyps.

Laparoscopic surgery can be prescribed to treat various uterine growths and adhesions while genetic treatments and medications can be provided to counter Translocation and hormonal imbalances.

Treatment offered should be evidence based, aimed at improving embryo quality or endometrial receptivity. Gamete donation or surrogacy may be necessary if there is no realistic chance of success with further IVF attempts.

With the huge number of people seeking out fertility treatment at Dr. Puneet’s fertility clinic, there are various cases of Implantation failure which the doctors come across. The clinic has all the infrastructure and expertise to counter Implantation failure in its patient and a qualified team of experts who use their experience to get to the bottom of every case of RIF and solve it and help their patients overcome it.

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