Fertility Counseling

Fertility Counseling

Fertility counselling enables couples to talk about their problems and feelings with experts and get proper guidance. It also helps couples to understand the treatment process they are going through or about to go through.

Fertility counselling is a very important aspect of any Fertility Treatment. It can be very important for the patient’s physical and mental well-being especially when the couple has been diagnosed with Infertility. Team at CIFAR is very conscious of this fact and counselling is an integral part of patient fertility journey in CIFAR . Special emphasis is given in cases where IVF treatment has so far been unsuccessful, or in cases where it has worked and they are finding it difficult to adjust to their new lifestyle.

fertility counseling

The fertility counsellor helps the couple discuss their fears and anxieties and any emotional difficulty they are facing with infertility in a holistic manner. Even the various fertility treatments are long drawn and complicated process where the patient or the couple may require a lot of emotional support and regular guidance and qualified fertility counsellors are there to provide it.

Fertility counselling can help you:-

  • Prepare for the fertility treatment by learning about them
  • Cope with repercussions if the treatment fails and get help preparing to try again
  • Adapting to the parenthood

Some fertility treatments like opting for donor gametes have a lot of cultural, social and legal ramifications and counselling of all involved parties on all these factors are absolutely important and even binding in some cases.

Dr. Puneet’s fertility clinic has their own team of qualified and experienced fertility counsellors who assist and help both patients and couples with every step of fertility treatment. The counselling methods and standards which are applied are at par with the best in the world.

Our counsellors ensure that expecting parents are mentally prepared for the rigors of treatment they are about undergo and also its aftermath.

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Dr. Puneet Rana Arora

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