Are You Worried About Recurrent Implantation Failures?

Facing recurrent implantation failures in three or more consecutive IVF attempts can definitely leave a couple dejected. Such patients need medical and psychological support to cope up with and help them understand what caused it and how they can prevent it from happening again. It is very important to evaluate both male and female partners in such cases and individualise the treatment accordingly.


  • Anatomic: The anatomic malformations of the uterus, which are either congenital (septate uterus and bicornuate) or acquired (uterine fibroids, endometrial polyp, intrauterine adhesions, hydrosalpinx), may interfere with normal implantation.
  • Endometrium:Detailed Assessment of Endometrium is very important. Endometrium is one of the important component for an adequate window of implantation and hence a successful implantation process.
  • Endocrine, blood disorders: Hormonal disorders like thyroid, uncontrolled diabetes and thrombophilia, are diagnosed and treated.
  • Immunologic factors: The immunological system plays a role in implantation and in, maintenance of pregnancy. Couples who share common HLA alleles may experience recurrent implantation failure. Use of 20% intra lipid solutions can be useful in such cases.
  • Male factors: High DNA fragmentation index in sperm can also be the cause of recurrent miscarriages. These can be dealt with medical or surgical modalities such as TESA.
  • Genetic: Recurrent implantation failures due to chromosomal abnormalities transmitted from parents or arising incidentally in embryos can be detected by genetic procedures like PGD/PGT-SR/PGT-M on embryos before they are transferred into the uterus. These procedures do require expertise and is available in select fertility centres worldwide. . Backed by world class facilities, a team of experienced doctors and sensitive management staff, the centre has achieved stellar results in the field of reproductive medicine.

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