IVF Treatment and Counselling forMultiple Pregnancy Failures

Embracing a life inside you is one of the most beautiful feelings in this world. But there are times when an incident like a miscarriage happens and this leaves you distressed and traumatized. There can be ample reasons why a miscarriage might happen.

A miscarriage does not mean you cannot embrace motherhood again. Nowadays everything is possible and treatments such as IVF are gaining popularity among people as a great alternative to avoid pregnancy failure.

With technological improvement, treatments like In-Vitro Fertilisation by the best IVF doctor in Gurgaon came into the limelight. IVF treatment has made conception possible for infertile couples who previously thought it impossible or women with multiple pregnancy failures. Keep reading to dig more about it in detail!

Medical Conditions that are Treatable With IVF

  • Taking sperm from the testes
  • Providing pregnancy for women who do not have ovaries
  • Curing Genetic flaws
  • Curing Menopausal women

Though IVF can treat various problems, its success cannot be guaranteed because of the complexity of the IVF process. The IVF centres in Gurgaon perform procedures that entail implanting an embryo and growing it inside the mother’s uterus, which necessitates immunological responses and tissue development. Couples considering IVF treatment should be aware of the process’s complexity.

An IVF Cycle Requires Preparation: Here is a Brief

Preparing adequately for an IVF cycle can improve your chances of success and lessen the effects associated with the usage of fertility drugs. A couple must prepare for an IVF cycle in three significant areas.


When deciding to undertake IVF treatment, it is critical to maintain a good diet and be hydrated. This guarantees that your body is prepared to benefit from the treatment. You can boost your metabolism by taking vitamins and minerals. It also aids in the production of high-quality sperm and eggs.


An IVF cycle causes numerous changes in a woman’s life and body. It is critical to manage stress through various activities such as meditation and adequate sleep. Make an effort to spend more time with your family. Couples can also seek anxiety counseling from the best IVF centre in Gurgaon because it can disrupt the hormonal balance.


Your weight determines the success of IVF. Being overweight or underweight can impact the success of IVF treatment. This is because women who are overweight or underweight will have ovulation issues. Obesity can impair erectile function and sperm motility in men. All of these difficulties should be addressed before proceeding with the IVF procedure. Maintaining a healthy weight requires a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Guidelines to Follow Before Starting an IVF Cycle

It is critical for a couple to prepare themselves ahead to beginning IVF therapy to achieve success. The following suggestions can assist you in preparing for the treatment:

  • Before opting for IVF therapy, learn about the treatment’s success rates. You should also mentally prepare yourself for failure. If an IVF cycle fails, you must determine the cause and correct it before proceeding to the following cycle. This will assist you in remaining positive throughout the IVF therapy.
  • Understand the IVF technique. Learn everything you can about IVF treatment and expenses.
  • Maintaining correct balance is crucial to the effectiveness of the IVF operation. It is possible to achieve this by getting enough sleep and rest.
  • Years of trying to conceive and frequent hospital trips can cause couples to be sad and depressed. Get good advice from an IVF doctor in Gurgaon to understand the significance of IVF treatment.
  • Think positively about the procedure with a realistic understanding. A woman’s uterus is critical for the embryo’s development till delivery. As a result, optimistic thinking might contribute to the effectiveness of the IVF operation.

Final Thoughts

IVF is a boon to parents who come across multiple pregnancy failures. If you are someone who is looking to opt for the same, connect CIFAR. This centre is led by Dr. Puneet Rana Arora, and it is among the best IVF centres in Gurgaon to offer effective treatment. Check out the process and schedule an appointment at the earliest.