IVF treatment in Gurugram: How much does it cost?

In-Vitro fertilization or IVF is the most popular form of assisted reproduction technique around the world to treat infertility.

The IVF procedure involves combining concentrated eggs and sperm outside the body in the laboratory. 

Once the embryo develops after fertilization then it is placed inside the uterus. The procedure could be done using the parents’ own egg or sperm or that of a donor.

IVF is a completely safe but complicated procedure.  In most cases, it takes more than one attempt to be successful.

In this article we are going to discuss the various aspects of IVF treatment; like availability, viability, and IVF treatment cost; especially in the city of Gurugram and nearby regions.

Is IVF inaccessible and costly?

Infertility is not a much talked about subject, especially in our country, where it might be considered taboo in many parts. Also, there is a lack of awareness about the treatment options outside the well-educated populace. Infertility treatments are still considered advanced medical practices and remain inaccessible to most of the country, as infrastructure and expertise for infertility treatments are mostly found in big cities.

All of these factors cause the cost of IVF treatment to remain comparatively higher in India. It has still lowered considerably during the last few years in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram, etc. with rapid advancement in medical technology and with more and more hospitals adding infertility treatment to their repertoire.

  • Here are some salient facts related to the cost of IVF treatment in our country:

Every IVF treatment is different and varies from person to person depending on their condition. Thus, the cost of treatment varies too. The minimum cost for IVF treatment in a major city like Gurgaon falls in the range of 70,000-1,00,000 INR. The total cost of the procedure can balloon up in the range of 1.25 to 3 lakhs with the added cost of consultation, medication, counseling, etc.

Also, IVF may take two or three attempts to succeed which multiplies its cost.

IVF treatment also varies with hospitals. Gurugram has emerged as a hub for major private hospital chains in the country which while providing the best infrastructure and facilities, also charge exorbitant prices for every kind of treatment.

If you are looking for a hospital that provides IVF treatment in Gurugram and a balance of the best facility and yet affordability, then CIFAR is the place to go.

The demand for IVF treatment is growing due to increasing awareness and institutions like CIFAR which are working to take this knowledge and awareness to the people who need them. The success rate of IVF compared to other treatments is also a factor in its popularity.

As more and more people become aware of the treatment it can become a viable option for more hospitals to adopt and become more affordable.

CIFAR, headed by Dr. Puneet Arora and a dedicated team of experienced medical professionals, deals with all kinds of infertility treatments. Apart from treatments, CIFAR is dedicated to providing support, counseling, and awareness about fertility treatments to those who need them. If you are looking for an IVF hospital in Gurgaon that provides the best and yet most affordable IVF treatment then please visit CIFAR for consultation.

June is World Infertility Awareness Month

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